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SSD and Full System Virtualization


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Here I like to use full virtualization apps like Returnil and or Shadow Defender on several different machines and several hard drives on this one main machine and never have a problem on ide/sata spinners.


Bought a 40 gig Corsair SSD 40 gig for testings.


It is a bit snappier than my vLited Win 7 640 gig wd's but having a lot of data corruption if and when booting out of virtual mode with both Returnil and Shadow Defender.


If I update Malwarebytes in virtual mode then reboot into normal mode then on some occassions it is corrupted needing an uinstall/reinstall.


My FF profile is messed up and for a test I deleted CCleaner's exe from programs folder and rebooted out of virtual.


Once back into real mode CCleaners Taskbar icon was blank as was CCleaners main exe. On trying to execute a "Not a valid 32 bit app" popped up.


Has anyone experienced the same or has anyone any tips on this problem?

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It sounds like one of the applications you are using may not be compatible with SSD drives one that is questionable is CCleaner.


Please try and secure erase the drive with Parted Magic and then do a fresh install of Windows 7 and see if you still have the problem.

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Thanks for the reply RAM GUY.


The bios is set to ide so trim should be disabled but on using "fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify" it showed trim as being active?


Used the same cmd to disable trim and now I'm not seeing the same corruption as with trim enabled after rebooting the system out of virtual mode?


Go figure. :confused:

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After turning off trim I went into virtualmode with Returnil then deleted CCleaner's main exe and rebooted.


There were no probs with CCleaner's exe still there and not corrupted.


With trim enabled Windows Mail, my FF profile, Malwarebytes if updated and a coupla other things were either corrupted or messed up after a reboot out of virtual mode.


Good thing about this I learnt how to move all of FF, it's main folder, cache and profile folder to a ramdrive which is loaded into ram from a saved iso image at boot.


Boot takes a while longer as the ram iso image is near on 4 gig and has an nLited XP VM within as well but I use mainly sleep anyways.


Haven't noticed any speed issues with trim disabled but early days and I'll play it by ear for a bit.

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