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Corsair 800D window scratched?


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hi everyone,

i just purchased my corsair 800D yesterday


i took it home and moved all my stuff into the case

after i setup everything

i took off the protective covering on the clear acrylic glass only to realize that its already quite scratched up a bit. it looks like the manufacturing location took this board and dragged it on the floor, because its a streak of scratches.


did everyone's corsair 800d window come scratched up?


overall, im loving the case, wires are clean, lots of space for me to install my water cooling


but im disappointed on the fact that i spent 300$ for a new case only to get it scratched up.


i definitely believe corsair needs to keep their quality control up.

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Going on past threads on here i would suggest that Ramguy would ask you to do an RMA on the case but just specify that you need the windowed side panel and then they will send you one but don't expect a reply just yet as it's Sunday . There very good at supporting there gear so don't be too worried as it will get replaced :biggrin: .
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