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P256 intermittent failure to be recognized by bios


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Hi I purchased 2 p256 drives in May and have used one in my desktop and 1 in my laptop. The desktop one seems stable . In my laptop, an acer 3810t, win 7 64 ultimate, 4gb ram, intel graphics. In this laptop everything has been running fine since I installed it in May. The laptop is sparingly used and kept in a desk when not in use. When I tried to start the laptop about a week ago, the drive was not recognized. Three restarts and the drive was finally recognized. The machine ran fine after that. The same error occured two more times this week and then today, while using the laptop, windows crashed and when I finally got the system to restart, I checked the error and it said that the hard drive had stopped working.


I have the firmware update offered last spring on the drive and like I said it was working flawlessly for months now. What should I do?


Many thanks for your suggestions,



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