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TX950W fail!


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I am french and i have bought a PSU Corsair TX-950W. The problem is my computer never stop to reboot, when arrive in Windows 7 loggin interface.

I have plugged corectly the connectors of the PSU. I thought that the problem was my crossfire of 5870 and i have unplugged one of the cards but same problem. Incompatibility ?.... that is the question because my ******** TruePower 750W works very well. But the TX-950 don't freeze or reboot my computer when i am in safe mode. the problem is the same without overclocking

Thanks for help i don't understand

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even there is possibility with psu

but there also chance problem with hardware too


if you have time, i suggest you try :

1. check your voltage at motherboard bios (see if all voltage normal)

2. test your ram with memtest, see if your ram pass tests without errors

3. try booting on safe-mode, then if you manage to login to windows, go to control panels -> performance & maintance -> maintenance tools -> event viewer

usually every boot fail should logged in there, and see what making fail


i see your overclocking your pc, do you using overclock software too ?

possibly when logging to windows, overclock software starting up automatically, and thats what make the problem (compability issue with your new psu/ you need to reconfigure your overclock software)


that's why when you booting on safe-mode its running ok


if you thinking you didn't using any overclock software, you can try disabling start-up items

or if you want the simple way, just backup your data and reinstall windows


TX-950 should work with all motherboard (ATX) ... so you can keep using the psu when upgrading to new PC


hope helps

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But the TX-950 don't freeze or reboot my computer when i am in safe mode.


because u said TX-950 don't freeze on safe-mode, i suspect there is overclock software or some software that running at startup that not working well with the new PSU or hardware changes


you should check, proggrams that runs automatically when windows startup

disable especially for proggram that do overclock or monitoring,

if you use costum ATI profiler, make sure you return it to default first to see if that making the issue or not


you can also try create a new windows user, and see if with new user can log to windows or not


hope helps

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  • Corsair Employees

The fact that the PSU seems to work when the system boots into safe mode would suggest that software is in some way effecting the issue. I would try testing the PSU In a different system to be sure that the problem stays with the PSU and if so, then lets get it replaced!


Request an RMA

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the easiest way is to reinstall the OS

did u try to make new windows user and log from that new user?

you can try that first, if don't want to reinstall


another way is to try clean reinstall vga driver

uninstall normaly then use CCleaner in safe-mode fully remove vga driver from system

then reinstall the latest driver

see if works

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this is not a problem with vga drivers because i always clean drivers with driver sweeper. I think this is just a motherboard incompatibility, and i will not reinstall windows because I think that will not change anything. If my TruePower 750 works perfectly i don't see why the TX-950 not work with the exactly same softwares and hardware :confused:
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i have tried the ubuntu live cd and the PSU works but same problem in Windows, i have deinstalled all programs in boot ....

I stop here, i am exhausted by this PSU, I will try another manufacturer, this is not normal this PSU works well with others OS or safe mode and not work in normal mode.

Or i have two options :

RMA the PSU and get other


keep the PSU and hope that will work in a sandy bridge motherboard

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