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Replacement of replacement is dead on arrival


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My original was dead on arrival; I received replacement one of them went bad in 4 weeks. I received replacement for the replacement last week and I can't even boot with it.

One of them is working fine. Just one module is bad. I can't even get POST beep with it. I tried different RAM slots as well that didn't make any difference.

Without this one computer boot and run just fine. Oh and trying this bad memory got my hard drive degraded.

What would you say ramguy? You think you can make this RAM work? I think it is another dead on arrival and it's only fair Corsair to pick up shipping cost this time.

Every single computer I built last 10 years had Corsair RAM and I didn't have any problem until this time. One DoA can make customer unhappy guess what 3 times can do? I need to have one good support experience here, please.

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