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More flexible fw updater


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Hello. I am the proud owner of a F60. I am loving it.


An official firmware updater that is not OS dependent would be great. With that aside, there is an improvement that should be made to the updater, making life easier for non-Window users.


I tried running the firmware updater on my drive and it failed to detect the drive.


60GB Force

  • GPT Partition Table
  • 1 - 250MB ext2
  • 2 - 55GB ext4

The installer failed to detect the drive, BUT windows detected the drive with two unknown partitions (expected).


Long story short, I formatted the drive with a MBR partition table and created a 10GB ntfs partition. The fw updater then detected the drive and updated the firmware without a problem.


It would be greatly appreciated if the installer would work/detect the drive as long as windows sees the drive. I don't understand why the Partition Table or file formats should matter for a FW upgrade. If I am missing something please let me know.


Now from reading some posts and doing a bit of research the fw utility seems to be a product of sandforce. Therefore, I am hoping this thread creates awareness and maybe someone from Corsair can talk to the right people to modify the installer to allow the installer to work regardless of the type of data on the drive.


To summarize:

  • I am not asking for a LINUX/Mac/Dos installer (although it would be nice)
  • Modify the installer to "detect" the drive regardless of data on the drive

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Or a bootable ISO with autorun firmware updater would also be nice. Just put in the burned CD, boot from it and watch the screen as the machine updates the drive, followed by reboot/shutdown.

Really badly needed. But then this is a generic SandForce issue. Corsair should do something about this.

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I agree completely, but I'm hoping we can be met, at least, halfway.


Asking for Sandforce / corsair to modify the installer is a far more reasonable and doable request then asking them to release a whole new tool. It should also be fairly easy to have the updater detect a drive without caring what data is on it.


Don't get me wrong I would love an iso/bootable usb fw updater.


I can live with:

  • Download updater copy to firmware
  • Take drive to other computer with Win Vista/7
  • Run firmware updater


However, backing up the drive, creating a ntfs and mbr partition table, doing the above steps, and restoring the data is unacceptable.

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