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Input on fan directions in new 600T case


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I'm considering swithing out my Noctua CPU cooler for the H70, so i can have enough room to upgrade my RAM.


The question is;


Wich way should the fans blow?


I have attached a picture for you to see, the issue is the fans on the top.


Wich directions would benefit my system the most?


My system temps are this right now, just with firefox (14 tabs), paint and hardware monitor open:


CPU and MB - 27c

Cores - 18c

GPU - 33c

SSD - 20c

HDD - 30c


The cpu has a tiny overclock up to 3,5ghz with turbo disabled.

RAM is clocked to 1700mhz.


All fans are running at minimum speed, except GPU, wich is at auto.





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