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700D extra fans + audio question


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I've owned the 700D for several months now, and am happy with it.


Now, I have some extra 120mm fans lying around (nice ones) and since the top of the case has 3 slots for such fans it seems obvious to place those there right?


Well, considering that heat rises - I have yet to come to a decision on placing 1 or more of those fans there. This is because the heat from the CPU will rise up through these slots when they are unoccupied. Won't placing 1 fan blowing out (up) just create a negative pressure in the case and suck more dust in? Imagine 3 fans sucking the cpu heat out and the dust flowing in from below.


And because heat rises, it doesn't make sense to me to orient the fans so that they blow air down into the case, since that will just be hot air from the cpu.




Also, I am unable to get the front mic and headphone connectors to work for some weird reason. they do get identified when I plug in either the mic or the headphones. I've had the same problem with 2 different motherboards in the same case.


Anyone else had this happen?





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Do you have system heat issues without the top fan(s) being mounted? If not, leave them off. Furthermore, mounting the top fans blowing air into the case will increase system noise and will work against other inward blowing case fans, dust or not. As for your mic/headphone issues, please check you hardware connections with the main board documentation and with the OS hardware configurations. Good luck.

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