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CMP6GX3M3A1600C7 Configuration help


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i'm having problem with my system if i enable XMP profile.


If i enable the xmp profile, my system hangs as soon as windows 7 starts.

I've updated the mainboard bios to the latest avaible, without good results.

Is there something wrong?




Edit: my target is to make my memory to work @ 1600Mhz

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Test each memory module individually with Memtest 86+. If the RAM modules are good, then I'd manually set the BIOS options as this often works when the XMP profile does not.


Per the link below 7-8-7-20 @ 1.5-1.65 V should do the trick. Note that some Intel mobos do not like higher RAM voltage then 1.5 V so you might need to test from 1.5-1.65 V to see what works best. The QPI voltage may also need to be ~1.35 V.




This link below may also be useful?



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Thankyou. Should i run the memtest with the xmp profile activated?

Actually i'm usin them with this settings:


voltage: 1.603V

Vqpi: 1.27V


The Vqpi in xmp profile is 2.0V and seems like it's too low. Raising it up let me to boot in windows7. Now i'm testing the system with settings above with intel burn test v2.50 with very high settings.

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