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Warranty problem in Romania


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I have bought the following system for virtualization:


Mb: Asus M4A89GTD PRO

Ram: Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333MHz CL9 XMS3 PC3-10600 Dual Channel Kit (TW3X4G1333C9A)

Cpu: Phenon II 1090T Black Edition

Case: Chieftech with a 500 W Power Supply

My entire system is on UPS so there are no power issues or the likes.


After 1 day, i got alot of blue screens, random resets, errors ... the works


Being a dual channel kit, i have isolated the problem by testing each memory card in single channel alone in the pc. With one card is working perfectly, but with the other i get the same problems...


They said i have to send back to the warranty both cards since it is a kit. Because my clients would be really unhappy with their virtual machines being down for 5-15 days, i have ordered another identical kit. With the new kit there is no problem i had 0 downtime since i bought it.

What i saw with the broken card is that if i leave it for 1 hour out of the system or the system is shutdown, it will work for another 4-6 hours, after that it will crash again. After the 1st crash it will not boot anymore with that card alone!

I also have the feeling that the non working card is warmer then the other one after the same amount of time.

Btw I have tested the card in the same memory slot and on a different one as well, but there is no difference.


I tried running memtest86 on it and it did not find any problems, still after 6-8 hours it is normal to crash.


So basically with an exact kit the system works, with 1 card from the kit it works.


I have sent them the kit to change it in warranty since it worked for 1 day only. After 10 days they have sent it back and said that the test on them was ok and it will not be changed in warranty, for a 1 day product. What else can i do to get them changed? Since it is useless to place them back in the system.


Thank you

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please list all voltage settings for that rig. maybe there was not enough ram voltage or northbridge voltage? see if there is any relevant info in the event manager. what are the system temps after being in the bios for 5 minutes? was the bios reset with the introduction of the new ram? who is the "they" you warrantied the ram with? is there a bios setting for virtualization that needs to be enabled?

you can always request a Corsair RMA from the link on the left.

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You will need to get the matching set at least replaced, please use the link on the left and request an RMA but I would suggest asking the reseller if they will let you return the set and purchase an 8Gig set for best performance.
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