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H70 pump noise question...


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My H70 works like a dream, apart from one thing. Whenever I first put the PC on the pump makes a loud rattling sound. The sound is similar to if you were to say have a wire catching on the fins of a spinning fan, or as if you put a lolly stick in the spokes of your bike... Remember them days?


Now even the slightest little touch of the case let alone the pump itself and the noise goes away for the rest of the day. I've checked for all the obvious things like loose fittings, etc. And before anyone asks, no there aren't any wires catching on fans...


Even when making the noise the H70 cools as expected so it's not affecting performance.


Is there anything I can do about it? I'm a bit stuck as this is the only PC I have access to and if I RMA it I will be without a PC and out of contact for the duration (I'm disabled and the PC is my one and only means of contact with the world).




The noise was getting worse so I arranged for a replacement with Amazon.co.uk.


This is now fitted and is silent as can be, however, I'm not getting such good temperatures with it as with the old one. On average it is running about 5°C - 10°C hotter. Is there something I might have done to cause this?

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