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CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 & Asus P7P55-E Deluxe - only stable @1066MHz (USB Freezes)


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Hi all,


first time in my life I got Dominator RAM for my new system. Since day 1 I got stability issues with this setup (German problem desc in detail). I know that this Corsair RAM isn't listed at Asus QVL or Corsair compatiblity list. I shouldn't have bought this RAM...



What happens: PC freezes only in idle mode / during normal office work - never during real load (gaming, etc.). Mainboard USB ports become unresponsive, keyboard and mouse fail. Sometimes bluescreens occour (+ usb driver info). Nice problem description which is very similar to mine: link.

- most recent Bios installed

- fresh install of Win7

- all drivers updates to the most recent

- only connected USB keyboard and mouse

- and so much more

- memtest84+ 4.1 stable: 6 loops

- using correct RAM banks in dual channel mode


Now I'm experimenting with my RAM Settings in Bios.

- Using XMP profile setup: System USB freezes occur

- Using AUTO setting: since about 12 hours system is running without freeze. This means nothing, I need some more days :)


With AUTO setting the board configure the RAM as follows:

1066 MHz instead 1600

1.5V instead 1.65V

7-7-7-20 instead 9-9-9-24


I'd say that this isn't ok in the medium term as it should at least run at 1333 MHz...


I've often read that it's recommended to configure RAM 100% manually. But I'm not sure how to do this with CMP8GX3M2A1600C9. What settings should I try?


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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@Wired: Thanks for the hint! I'll do if the problem comes up again the next days.


At the moment I'm trying the following BIOS settings:





Are theses manual settings ok or did I forget any other important RAM setting?


Thanks in advance and best regards,

Felix :laughing:

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Using this setting I just got a freeze again:

- system ran fine with these settings for about 4 hours

- system completely freezed during normal surfing / idle

- win7 energy profile: power

- ATI CCC setting: default

- HDD LED was constantly on, screen was freezed (no black screen), mouse and keyboard freezed

- no bluescreen, no entries in event log, no dumps

- bios reset itself after reboot


I guess I've to wait for the next freeze using these settings. After this I'll try the AUTO setting (1066 MHz) again...


What do you recommend ? Now the single RAM test?


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Hi there,


as I don't see any problems with memtest, I tried windows 7 memory diagn. this night. I selected 'extended' and infinite loops. This morning win7 memory diag. was frozen at 3 loops and 21% and showed no RAM errors.


What does this mean? :eek:

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Switched back to BIOS AUTO settings as mentioned in post 1:


"With AUTO setting the board configure the RAM as follows:

1066 MHz instead 1600

1.5V instead 1.65V

7-7-7-20 instead 9-9-9-24"


In Win7 energy safer profile I now have many lags (quite short system hangs) and randomly crashing softwares.


What does this mean? Is it possible that my CPU is the cause for all this trouble?

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Hi Boooooo,


thanks for your feedback! I should have known this before :) I never had this problem before - AUTO settings were fine for me the last PCs I build...


Using these settings I still had crashings apps the last days:

1600MHz, 1,65V, CR 2T


All kind of apps crashed all of the sudden. A few / hour. But the system itself was kind of stable - no freezes or bluescreens. I guess again a RAM problem. I don't understand why I never see problems during burn in tests or gaming.



Now I'm trying these P7P55 Bios Settings - looks promising at the moment:





So I get:



The next days a different RAM kit (CMX8GX3M4A1333C9) will arrive - this kit is listed at the Asus P7P55 QVL. I'm very curious if these RAM will show no problems at all ... :)


Thanks and best regards,


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Good news - thanks to your hint the system seems running better now. I won't say "perfect" for the next weeks - if then the system still shows no problems then the problem is defeated.


I experienced "micro lags" the last days: when opening any application there were tiny "hangings" - opening wasn't "smooth". Today I switched off Win7 superfetch. These lags seem to be gone. So this part of the problem wasn't RAM related...

At the moment I'm using these settings:


This is equal to the RAM XMP setting



I set 1,20V for IMC and 1.65V for RAM in Bios - the board then sets them a little higher which seems to be uncritical.



And this is the actual result


To sum up:

- Set IMC to 1,2V, RAM to 1,65V

- Set RAM to Command Rate 2T instead of 1T (!)

- Deactivate Win7 superfetch if using a fast SSD


My Corsair RAM:



My System:








Thanks for your support and best regards,


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Hi there,


back again :) My Dominator RAM "CMP8GX3M2A1600C9" still isn't stable. Problems described above still occur.


I got a second mainboard (same model) which fixed my freezing USB ports. Then I bought a Corsair RAM Kit which is on Asus QVL: CMX8GX3M4A1333C9 DDR3-1333MHz 1,55V CL9 4x2GB.


When using my Dominator RAM I'm getting these strange bluescreens:



When using the other QVL RAM these bluescreens don't occur.


As I tried almost every config with the dominator RAM kit I guess this kit is simply not compatible with my board - true?


I just don't understand how a RAM kit can be incompatible with a mainboard :/


With the new Corsair RAM I do have a new problem: 1 second sound freezes (HDMI ATI 5850)... but system does not crash at least :)


Thanks and best regards,



ps: I guess I'll buy a sandy bridge system next year as my new i7 system is a pure troublemaker...

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@trackrat: Thanks for your feedback!


So theoretically I should be able to get my Dominator RAM running stable - shouldn't I ? Or are there other things which could lead to a general RAM / mainboard incompatibility - which can't be fixed by the end user?

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Any Corsair RAM tested and approved compatible for your CPU should work fine. With Asus however it may take a couple of lifetimes before they provide a proper BIOS to eliminate RAM incompatibility issues. In my experience Asus is very slow to fix mobo issues. :sigh!: Your results may differ?
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@trackrat: Ok that could be the problem - named "Asus" :) My mobo is kind of eol so there won't be any RAM compatibility Bios update in the future I guess. If my new Corsair RAM will work fine I'll close this RAM chapter :)


So what can I do now with my troublemaking Dominator RAM? I now could sell it but I don't know if this is OK as I had these troubles... The RAM itself isn't faulty I guess? I never saw errors in memtest and other stability tests! Is this enough proof that this RAM kit generally is ok?


THANKS! :laughing:

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