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AX850 Electric Noise

Bobby Bec

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i decided to upgrade my PSU and after i read a lot of reviews about how good ax 850 is,i bought it.

Then i noticed that the PSU is making electrical noise every time when there is cpu load.It doesn't matter what i do , loading windows playing games or run some stability tests like prime 95. When my pc is in idle the noise goes away.


What i did trying to fix this :


I did everything suggested in the Noisy PSU thread

replaced my motherboard with P7P55D EVO - same noise

replaced my video card MSI N470GTX Twin Frozr 2 with Asus 9800 GTX+ and then with Asus 8800 GTS -same noise

i did try with Different hard disk to - same

Then finally asked a friend if i could use his pc which has very different setup - GIGABYTE motherboard,CPU Phenom II and ATi HD4670 and the PSU was making exactly the same noise


So after i was sure that there is something wrong with this PSU I went ahead and returned it to the retailer so they can test it and possibly replace it.

My surprise was after they called me and told me that indeed the PSU is making noise but they are not going to replace it because they opened 2 more new ax 850's and both had the same electrical noise so this indicate its normal behavior of this model PSU.


So now i cant return it and get my money back I also cant replace it because all of the AX 850 they have are acting the same way .

I also cant use it because the noise is loud and really annoying and this is coming from PSU which is supposed to be one of the best 850w power supplies on the marked.


Help me please

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i am owner of AX750

it seems its little issue AX series have


rather than CPU, i think it more have relation to GPU, especially power-hunger GPU, i am using ATI5850 and my psu did make some electrical noise when using GPU power


mine run silent when running prime95


you can try to ask your shop to look newer revision PSU


i don't know what the newest PSU corsair release, maybe RamGuy can help providing some revision info here?


my friend who bought AX750 a month after release get revision A0W, i think that is first version... mine is revision A1W


hope helps

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Hello again ,


i did request an RMA and received mail with RMA number but i did not have the time to send the package,because of holidays and some personal stuff i had to do ..


Today i have decided to do that but when i get to my mail so i can print the address i did notice that my case do not exist , it says -Case ID and/or Password are Incorrect and I also cant see my RMA status.


So what should i do now use my old RMA number and just send the psu or should i fill in another RMA request ?


Thank you

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