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Random BSOD Memory Problem...


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I keep getting random BSOD saying BAD_POOL_HEADER


My computer is new I just built it, everything is running great except this issue.

I ran memtest86+ and lets just say, every test failed, I stopped it in the middle because it had over 60,000 errors, I found no point in finishing it with that error margin.


I have set the timing in my motherboard to 9-9-9-24 for the ram I have, but I'm not sure if there are other settings, or if I could get an exact break down of what needs to be changed to make the memory more stable. (before changing the timing I had BSOD way more, so this made it a bit more stable.)


The Ram and Motherboard I have is in my profile, also here is an image of CPU-Z, unsure of why I'm getting bsod, please help..:(





Here are pictures of what my Bios looks like for the RAM settings -





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