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Installed progs and drivers missing after restart


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Installed A F60 and installed W7 Home premium.


If I install any programs or drivers or do any settings, all will be gone after restart. W7 is there.

All is ok on reboot.

Have re-installed W7, but same problem.

It seems as the drive has accepted W7, but will not write anything else.


Have update BIOS to no avail

Will try the firmware 2 tonight.


Strange, can't find any reference to anyone with a similar problem.



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Right, got nowhere!


Did the secure erase with Parted Magic (great prog btw) Went out and came back to finished job.


Restarted the machine and W7 boots up! Arrrh nothing erased!


Moved the disk to another machine and manually deleted W7 files fronm the disk. Restarted and the deleted files were there.


I think something is not right with the disk!

After installing W7 on it the first time, nothing can be added or removed........


I'm not going to spend more time on trying to fix this, too frustrating.

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