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Dear Ramguy and all,


I'm using AX 1200 (yes, I know all of you tired of this ...) and I've RMA this product 2 times to the local Indonesian sole distributor of Corsair.


I'm still facing the fact of the coil buzz (very little sound) when I plug the PSU to the wall and when my PC was shut down.


I've already test 4 units of AX 1200 @ the local distro, all was boxed and brand new, we open the white QC seal from the brown carton box...and all have that noise when plug em to the wall and turn the power to ON.

after 2 times RMA, they give up on me and tell me that the others are same (have a same buzz noise too)


I wanna know, what's the effect of this famous COIL BUZZ?

Is it HARMFUL? or just annoying to ears?

I've invested thousands of dollars to build my rig, so much time to set it up too.

I can't stand if this PSU damage my PC later.


What should I do? RMA it to the USA? or leave it be?



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Cap / Coil sqeal will not damage your PC, it's just damn annoying and they shouldn't make this noise.


It's a pity Corsair don't monitor thier forums and answer customer answers quickly. I suspect they are loosing a fair few orders on the AX noise issues.


@ Asgard : Thanks bro for your 1st reply:D: Yeah they're damn annoying but luckily this sound wasn't too loud. But I'm still bothered by the fact that Corsair PSU's are always silent and they shouldn't produce any buzz noise like this.:mad:

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