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Recently, I purchased an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD instead of a Force series drive because the Vertex was on sale. That was a huge mistake. The rascal ran fine for a couple weeks but Monday of last week, my system started slowing down dramatically. I suspected the Vertex was failing or malfunctioning so I called OCZ for tech support. I was surprised to be told to go online and start a tech support ticket and they would get back to me. I expected a phone call from OCZ within a few hours or maybe the next day to diagnose my rig's problem and get things corrected. Wrong. It seems their method of tech support now is to contact the customer with daily email messages instead of a phone call.


After a week of daily email messages and nothing being done to diagnose or correct, I was told I can RMA my drive for replacement. WOW. Let's send it in before we know what's wrong with it. Later that day, I called Corsair tech support with questions regarding the Force series of SSD's. After explaining why I called Corsair, I was given ideas of what to do to correct my computer's slowness even though i then had an OCZ instead of Corsair drive. I have praised Corsair products and tech support before but the service I was rendered that day was above and beyond!


Anyway, I have purchased a Corsair Force drive and sent the OCZ Vertex 2 back. Never again will I stray from the Corsair family due to a few dollars. Thanks again, Corsair and especially the gentleman I spoke to on the phone! :biggrin:

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