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A70 backplate & fan pin issue on HP Z400 Workstation


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Getting the corsair 3pin fans to work with the HP 5pin CPU fan connector shouldn't be too hard.


But now I have a Removable motherboard tray that doubles as the retainer for the stock CPU heatsink.

Well I can do without the removable tray with some spacers behind the motherboard, but guess what? The backplate doesn't fit over the rectangular metal piece behind my processor and I know I can't remove it so now I'm thinking of just running the screws without the backplate. Oh noes! :eek:



But I'll get it in and running and possibly wish I hadn't on my new $1200 machine :D



Things to note if you have my system.


Get a larger case or be prepared to remodel the current one, and if worse comes to worse just opt for a different cooler that fits without the fuss.



but I like fuss. so there. :p:



It's mounted though we'll see if it starts up and runs okay.

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Installed !







not the best temps, but a lot better then before when it was running 65c-75c at 100% load and 35c-40c at idle

I did draw a rather lumpy line with the A70 Thermal Compound, I decided to use it instead of an old AS5 I had laying around.


Also note this isn't installed exactly per instructions although the instructions were not the most detailed to begin with.



core temp and real temp were showing +/-1c variance from eachother


next mod will be adding a 120mm Nidec Beta V fan to vent the case.



Also I did the Microsoft index score before and after and I got 5.5 with the A70 installed vs 4.9. Not sure if the cooler can do that but my guess is the CPU was able to clock higher because of the lower temps.

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Quiet fan opetation I love that they are ball bearing which is all I use aside from Maglev. I didn't use the resistors, however I did use the un resistored wires and repined the connection to adapt the 3pin Y to the 5pin from my motherboard.



I got what I wanted,

Thank you Corsair.




Other notes:


- No memory issues since I'm running only 3 1gig sticks and the other 3 slots are empty, but even then the fans are high enough to clear normal ram without any heatsinks on them.


Used Belarc to find my motherboard name



The 5pin fan wiring for Hewlett-Packard 0B4Ch D motherboard

is as follows.


PIN1 - Black (GND)

PIN2 - Yellow (12v)

PIN3 - Green (Tachometer)

PIN4 - Blue (Control)

PIN5 - Black (GND) (Bridged with pin1)




Not sure if it's required but in order to maintain a tach and control signal to the cpu fan port I dicided to run the ground and power wire from a case fan to a Molex from the PSU and then run the tach and control wires from the case fan to the cpu fan port. Diagram Below.


PIN1 - Black (GND) (Corsair Fan)

PIN2 - Yellow (12v) (Corsair Fan)

PIN3 - Green (Tachometer) (Case Fan, powered by PSU)

PIN4 - Blue (Control) (Case Fan, powered by PSU)

PIN5 - Black (GND) (Bridged with pin1)

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I think I'm ready to upgrade to the H70. Temps are slowly creeping into the 60* c and it's only getting hotter here in Hawaii.


That or add a venturi setup to the A70. With 9 high CFM fans pulling air thu a choke point it should drop air temps... may even get some ice formation. :D


Though if ice forms because it lowers the freezing temp of the moisture in the air from reduced pressure, then the temperature is the same in the venturi as the ambient room?

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