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P128 in Asus Eee 1000HE after Hibernate


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Hello, I'm new member and user.

Bought 3 P128's and put one into an Asus Eee 1000HE about 4mo. ago.

It all cloned over fine from the original HD and works flawlessly


When it enters Hibernate state, all lights are off, and I push the power button, the Blue power button light and it just stays there with not a hint of activity. I guess black screen but I would say no side lighting or anything.

I have to hold the Power Button down the 5 sec. to force the Eee to power off.

Then when I press the power button it all boots up normall from hibernation with the "Resuming Windows" bar.


I've seen some references to this BSOD but it really doesn't seem like that.

IT's as if there is some interaction between the SSD and the Return from Hibernate.


I put the original HD back in and it returns from a Hibernate with the first press of the power button.


I see there is a Firmware Update for the P128 but it seems it erases the drive.

I don't know the installed firmware other than it's over 4mo. old.


Any Ideas?




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I would run Crystal Disk Info and see what version is on your drives, but most likely they are the latest and I would check with ASUS for the latest BIOS for the systems. You might also check in the BIOS and under power management make sure its set to S1 & S3 or which ever its set to try the other setting.
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