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Obsidian 800D Water Cooling Help/Suggestions

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Made my own thread, as it seemed it would be more productive, than jumping into other peoples threads and asking questions.


Alright, so this is the setup that I am currently thinking about. I do not want to mod my case if at all possible.

I even have an aversion to drilling a fill port in the top of the case.


(Revised 11/23/2010)


Case: Corsair 800D

Radiator: Black Ice GTX 360 Xtreme

CPU Block: EK Supreme HF Nickel + Acetal

GPU Block: Swiftech Komodo GTX 275 Full Coverage Block

Chipset/Mostfet Block: EK X58 Block

Reservoir: EK-MultiOption RES X2 - 250 Advanced

Pump: Swiftech MCP35X 12v PWM Controlled Water Pump

Fittings: TFC Compression 1/2" ID 3/4" OD - Silver

Tubing: PrimoFlex PRO LRT 1/2"ID 3/4"OD - Black (Will 5 Feet be enough?)

Fan Controller: Lamptron 30W - 4 Channel Fan Controller (FC-5V2)

Fan Filter: DEMCiflex Triple 120mm Magnetic Dust / Fan Filter (Placed on top of Case)

Fans (x3): Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe M12-S3HS 120mmx25mm Ultra Silent Fan - 1800 RPM

Screws: M4 x 30mm Radiator Mount Hex Socket Cap Screws - Black w/Rubber Grommets (To Protect top of Case)

Fluid: Distilled Water + Silver Kill Coil or Pt Nuke? Or both?

In-line Temp Sensor: <---Should I get one?


Rough Total: $630 + $23 Shipping (Without EK Chipset/Mosfet Block (~$115) and Swiftech Komodo Block (~80$))

*All Parts/Prices from FrozenCPU (Swiftech Komodo Price from Newegg)

*I know I can get cheaper, if I buy pieces from different places, but I would prefer to just get it from one location.


So my questions would be:

Would I be able to have the CPU/VGA/Chipset/Mosfet Blocks in the same loop using a 120x3 Rad?

Would it be worth the money, to put in a Chipset/Mosfet WC'ing Block? (Or just a waste of money?)

Can that pump handle a CPU/VGA/Chipset/Mosfet Block in a single loop?


I do plan on OC'ing my CPU. It is an i7 920 D0. I will be OC'ing to 4.2GHz (Currently at 3.8GHz on Air)

Also plan on possibly OC'ing my GPU.

Currently Own: EVGA GTX 275 FTW

Possible Future Purchase: EVGA GTX 580 or EVGA GTX 580 Superclocked or (EVGA GTX 580 Hydro Copper 2, if I get enough money for X-Mas) which would replace my GTX 275 Card in the Loop


For the GPU waterblock, should I go for an EK block or the Swiftech? (Or something better?) I want a full coverage block.


Any kind of input would be awesome, I have never done a 'Custom' build, the only WC I ever had, was this old External Water Cooling Unit 'Corsair Hyrdocool 200' (Big Black Box with a handle) from back in the early 2000s.

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Asking here is a good start. you will find alot of good advise and sometimes some bad Do your homework.


First you always put the res before the pump The res makes sure the pump always has water and no air.

Second If you want to stay with what you have fine. If you want to add the 580 You need alot more rad. and fans. These things run hot. (PERFORMANCE =HEAT)


Next if you want to run these GPU's you will need second loop If only one I would mod the case and put a bigger rad up top.


If your doing some overclocking I would advise cooling the board you will have a lot of heat in the case.


Yes the pump will handle everything with the tubing you chose. just don't put alot of 90's in the loop.


You will want to soft mount anything you can or your build will sound like john Force doing a burnout.


Take the time to look at some of the builds here and see whats going on and ask alot of questions. This stuff isn't cheap and you do not sound like you want to waste any.


A second option could be cool CPU with H50 or 70 and water cool the balance then no need to mod case. The system i'm using has had a H50 on it for a year and is running strong. Temp on my board 30c as i'm looking at it now. cheaper and alot easier.

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I agree with Slotrod. If you plan on liquid cooling your CPU, Chipset, and GPU you need to look at doing a second loop or putting an H70 on your CPU and leaving the loop for your chipset and GPU. If you overclock at all, a single loop with a 360 rad won't be able to keep things cool enough to be safe.


As far as GPU blocks, stick with EK unless you go with the EVGA Hydro Copper 2. Swiftech seems to have put its efforts for the 580 behind the EVGA team up as they are not selling a 580 block solo right now. They should both be around the same performance wise. EK makes great blocks, but I am going with two EVGA 580 Hydros simply because I love the way they look.

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