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TX750 help please


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I just got my TX750 today along with a GeForce GTX 470 Graphics card. I began to take out the old power supply and install the new one, hooking all the wires into the motherboard (I didn't realize it at the time but i was missing the 4 bit cable later).


So everything was plugged in except for the 4 bit and i hooked up the back and turned the computer on, the power seemed to work, but my display didn't change and the blue light that usually was there was glowing orange. My first thought was the graphics card not working, so i took everything apart and ended up plugging in the 4 bit this time. Powering up the computer once more, nothing happened. The fan didn't turn on but the orange light remained. I thought it was the graphics card again and put in the old one and still nothing.


Do i have a broken PSU?


Thank you for any help.

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