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Advice on memory for 1090t on crosshair IV


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right at this moment I am running the CMT8GX3M2A2000C9 @ 2000 MHZ which is one of the kits you are looking at. just so you know its not on ASUS QVL but it is on AMD's .

I am happy with it and I know i need to tweak it some still, but I have been a non O/Cer for about 3 years now and WOW :eek: things have changed LOL .


hope you post some of your POOP specs when you get it all set up and tweaked.

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In reality the CPU IMC is going to limit how high a frequency you can run the RAM at. Tightening the latency will not improve stability and in fact will hurt stability and/or limit how high a frequency your system will run at stable.


If price isn't an issue the 2000 Dominator GTs with heatsinks would be my choice. Don't expect that the RAM will actually run @ 2000 MHz. on an AMD system as that would be rare, but you might get in the ~ 1800 MHz. range.


The 1090T overclocks pretty well but you have six cores you're trying to push the Dickens out of...


The following link may be useful?



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