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Asus M4A79 Deluxe and CMG4GX2M2A1066C5 v7.1


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(Dominator GT DDR2 8500) Memory Spec's from lable:CMG4GX2M2A1066C5

XMS2-8500 2048MB 1066MHz 5-5-5-15 1.65V ver7.1 09400441


Memory will not run at advertized speed and timings.


Before installing these sticks, bios was set to default, saved and rebooted to

confirm default settings. Computer was shut down and unplugged. Old sticks and battery were removed to clear cmos.

Installed new sticks in yellow slots, plugged computer in and started. Went to bios and set mem speed to 1066, timings to 5-5-5-15-22 and voltage to 2.1v(not the incorrect voltage from lable), saved and rebooted.

Received error "Overclocked Failed". Entered bios, confirmed settings had not changed and rebooted. Received same error. Entered bios and set mem speed to 800. Saved and rebooted with no errors. Tested with Memtest86+ v4.0 and Prime95 v25.11 without error.

By O.C.ing, the best I can get is 1060 without errors. With timings of 4-4-4-12-22 I made it to 880. CPU was kept at/near default speed. CPU/NB voltage was increased from default of 1.1v to 1.2, 1.3 and 1.35 with no improvement. CPU/NB speed was also increased up to 2650 with no improvement.

The kit came with a nice two fan setup that I never needed to use since the sticks are almost cool to the touch during testing. Possibly due to the fan placement cooling the cpu heat sink.


Would knowing the spicific tests that show errors in Memtest ofer a clue to the cause of the problem?

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Not sure about the RAM voltage as the label on the DIMM is usually the tested voltage? I would think for DDR2 it would be at least 1.8 V however??? Have you checked the Asus OM to be sure the DIMMs are in the correct slots as only two slots are supported @ 1066 MHz. for DDR2 RAM, per the link below?



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Thanks for the replies guys!


The voltage on the label is a misprint, 1.65v I belive is a typical DDR3 voltage.

I have double checked on the slots and they are correct.

Thank you for the link to the new memory upgrade giude.



I suspected 2.2v might be required like some of the older DDR2, but I wasn't going to go beyond 2.1v without knowing the chips would be ok.

I'm sorry to ask, but the 2.2v is a comfirmed safe voltage and will not void my warranty correct?

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A follow-up here is way over due!


These modules work fine in my system at 1066MHz with 2.1v now. After I increased the Bank Cycle Time (tRC) from 22 as shown in the EPP to 23.


Also worked fine at 22 with voltage set at 2.18.


Haven't been in an OCing mood for a long time, so don't know what they will do at 2.2v.


Any idea what system configuration they were tested on?

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