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H50 Help!


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Okay...so I just bought new parts. Half of them I have half I don't. I have a CM690 NV edition and about 5-6" from where the CPU is and the door panel.

My first question is how much I can safely bend the H50 tubes.

My second question is I have been talking to several guys on a tech forum about high performance systems and they say the H50 will not be enough. I have a Core i7 950 and plan to overclock it most likely to 4.0ghz. The people I am talking to say the H50 will just not cut it. So I thought I would ask here and see what replies I could get.

Thanks in advance.

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H50 will probably be fine at 4.0Ghz, but there are a myriad of factors that come into play, centrally the rest of the airflow in your case, that impact its ability to function.


I have the H70 on an i7 920@4.2Ghz, and it's fine. Not amazing, and I'm going to full watercooling, but it's better than an aircooler.


As far as the tube bending goes, the less bent the better. Smoother flow, less noise, less restriction.

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