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How and when runs the BGC on RAID0 with "Force" series SSD's ?

star trek

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We know that the TRIM support on Windows 7 is not available on RAID0. Ok I'm thinking of doing a RAID0 SSD consists of two F-series which I think abbianothe Background garbage collection. So I was wondering how and when you turn on the BGC is the only method currently available to maintain the array performance fast. So that is activated in idle and I believe in home computer's idle time there are many.


Therefore, the BGC is fast enough to keep the array or the TRIM is irreplaceable?


Another question is as follows:


The absence of TRIM on RAID is only a problem of driver software and / or firmware, or will never be bypassed controls TRIMs on array? There is a hope to have also the TRIM support on RAID0?





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