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Please help - P256 SSD low benchmark number


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I just bought Corsair P256 SSD. It is running in AHCI mode on Intell IHCH10R controller. The WEI scores it kind of low (6.9), and the benchmark, AS SSD, that I ran shows very low score. Do you guys use this benchmark to test your hard drives and could you post the scores you are getting with this program?


Thank you.




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  • Corsair Employee

The Spec for P-256 is 220 MB/s sequential read and 180 MB/s sequential write so you drive is close to spec, you will loose some of the performance to the O.S. over head when its the Boot drive. But you can try these steps to try and improve its performance a little.


I would suggest using Accronis to make an image of the drive (if you are using Windows) then use Parted magic to Wipe the drive under tools select Erase Disk and Secure Erase and then, install the drive on the system you will be using it as a second HDD and format it with the QUICK Option Only and 4k Allocation then test it with Atto again to be sure its running properly then delete the partition and image the drive back to its original image and you are done.
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