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Yet another question on HX1000W + SLI GTX480 on a Rampage III Extreme


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I've seen the diagram in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70317 regarding the HX1000W.



There is one thing I don't get, however. Please consider this scenario, which is where my rig falls.


- each GTX480 uses 2 PCI-e power connectors (1 x 8-pin PCIe + 1 x 6-pin PCIe).


- The Rampage III Extreme uses 2 x 8-pin EPS/12V connectors.


The connectors built into the HX1000W are enough for 1 GTX480 + 1 of the R3E's EPS/12V connectors.


How should I distribute the other 3 required connections (2 PCIe for the 2nd GTX480 and 1 for the 2ndary EPS/12V connector on the motherboard) ?



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I would use the fixed PCIE cables for the first graphics card, plug the second EPX12v connector into one of the 12v1 modular ports, and then plug your second graphics card into the 12v2 modular PCIE ports on the PSU.
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