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8 GB Voyager speed issue!


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Recently i bought a corsair Pen-drive, when i plugged it into my desktop i found that it's reading speed is slow than my cheaper pen-drive


so i did a benchmarking using "HDBENCH"


it's write speed is acceptable but the reading speed is very low

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  • Corsair Employee
Did you use the utility I posted to format the drive? If so and you still got that performance, I would try it in another system to be sure its not something with your system. But you can use the link on the left and request an RMA and we can replace it.
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i requested a RMA, but didn't get any reply


I've two more questions,

i'm from New Delhi, India

is there any service centre in my city?


second, before buying corsair drive, i searched about it on corsair sites, there i saw corsair providing 10 year warranty of their drives.........but when i bought it.......there's only 2 years of warranty from Corsair, (written on back of the package)


can anyone enlighten me about this warranty time period??

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