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Rebate being sent back


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I bought Corsair Force 80GB SSD on Saturday Oct 30 from fry's electronics. I sent the rebate a week ago after the 15-day return policy is over from fry's. Because they do not accept store exchange without the UPC symbol.


Yesterday, I received a letter. I opened it and discovered that the rebate is being sent back. Corsair must have given me the wrong rebate address.


Here's the proof:



According to the rebate form, "submission must be postmarked within 21 days of purchase". 21 days of purchase has passed. Can I still get my rebate in this case? Can I go to Corsair's office in Fremont to get my rebate?

Because I work everyday in Fremont.


EDIT: I double checked the letter again and found out that the sender who mailed the rebate back to me is from Texas. How did my mail got ended up in Texas? Is the corsair's rebate address non-existent? USPS error?

If USPS is the one at fault, Can I still try to send the rebate back hoping that it will not get diverted to different states? Is there a corsair rebate center in California?

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