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I've never posted build pics before but I'm kinda proud of this one. It has lots of Corsair bits inside and the cable management turned out really well. So without further adieu ;





I'm not so thrilled with the tool-less design for securing the GPU but the removable motherboard tray is worth its weight in gold! It should be noted that the pump hold down ring can't be properly tightened with the inner fan installed. Not a big deal (just remove it) but if you're in the process just hang back on that fan until last.




There was one little snag. The radiator of the H70 hits one of the case supports so a little dremel action was necessary. I've posted about this in the cooling section of the forums.





Finally! All wired up and ready to go! Looks rather spiffy if I do say so myself :) There is one mod you can't see. Thanks to the fans that come with the H70 the rear exhaust fan was unnecessary. I pulled the top off the case and re-installed it as a roof vent fan.




Last shot. Hopefully that big honkin' fan will keep the GTX 480 cool and happy :) Thanks for looking and any and all comments are welcome.




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Thank you for the kind words guys :)

The water cooling really is nice and after an hour and a half running Prime 95 (Large In-place FTTs) with an ambient temp of 22o C I'm seeing 62o C on the coolest core and 64o C on the hottest. I was initially a little worried but the fans are only running at 1400 RPM so there isn't nearly as much air moving across the radiator as I would like. I'm going to wire the fans up directly to the PSU and see what happens when the fans are running at full whack.

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