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******** Armor VH6000BWS+ H70= fit problems


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Hey guys,

I just finished my new build and I thought I would share the only real snag I hit.

First off, I'm not complaining in the least. I'm really happy with the both my Corsair H70 unit and my ******** Armor+ case (the removable mobo tray is a blessing!) but the H70 won't fit. It bangs into the rail that supports the PSU on the windowed side of the case. This rail is actually a c-channel and all that is needed to correct the problem is to cut about 3 inches from the inner side of the channel and makes it an angle that is still plenty strong! This is easily accomplished with a Dremel tool and about 15 minutes worth of work (cutting and deburing) but I thought I should share. If you aren't OK with cutting on a brand new $200.00 case you may want to look at other options. Other than that I'm super happy with the whole set-up and can't wait to see what the H70 can do!


P.S. Sorry I don't have any pics of the mod. I wasn't thinking clearly.


EDIT: And now I do have pics!

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Ask and you shall recieve! :)




The depth of the cut only has to clear the radiator so fan placement will determine how much metal has to be removed. Seriously, this was a super simple mod. Just remember to blow out the metal dust and cutoff wheel debris before you start to assemble.

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