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TRIM in Action???


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So, today, after a long session of SSD testing (reads, writes), while doing nothing on my PC, I opened Windows Explorer and browsed to my C: drive. All of a sudden, there appeared to be 0 free space and 20 files, each 1GB in size, with some long names, that contained the letters trim. After that, the files begun to dissapear one after one, at a succession of 3-4 seconds. After about two minutes there was no file, the free space returned to normal (20GB). I didn't have the inspiration to take some printscreens. Maybe next time.

So, I think I have witnessed TRIM in action. Did anyone else experience this?


Later edit: I realized that Windows has nothing to do with it, as O&O Defrag 14 has a builtin TRIM utility that, once activated, does its own TRIM by writing temporary files with zeros. So.. mistery solved!

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