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the Graphite 600T Fan Controller


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Hi guys, so i just bought the 600T for a week


been satisfied with it


but i have 1 question regarding the front Fan Controller


which fan does the controller control? because it seems that no matter how you lower the fan or make it higher, the wind blowing is still the same, it's not increasing or decreasing as i turn the controller back and forth


so how do i know that the controller is working? is it controlled by software based or something? how do i know that it's working or not?


hope i can get some enlightenment here :p:

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Yeah, actually i found out the the stock fan speed are the problem, i asked the retailer store guy, and he said that the fan controller are rather useless as it doest not make any difference, min are about 700ish rpm and max are 800 if i recall for the 200mm fans
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I've read that the 600T 200mm fans are rated at 800 RPM. A fan controller can not make a fan run faster than its rated speed. So the controller on the 600T (or on any case) can only slow the fan down, not speed it up.


I wouldn't be surprised if the fan on mine slows to 600 RPM at the low setting. That's not a lot of difference, but really, how slow do people want the fan to run? 400 RPM? Remember, the controller can not make the stock fan any faster than 800 RPM.


I might want faster, or more powerful fans on mine someday, but I don't see any problems with the controller at this point.

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