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New H70 i7 930 Former (unsuccessful) H50 Owner


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So I just got my new H70.


In this previous thread (mods close if you will), I wrote about my H50 not working very well due to a couple of possible problems. http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91121


Mostly I thought the H50 waterblock wasn't seated on the CPU correctly due to thermal paste not spreading around my CPU upon removal.


Well I have my H70 now and I've seen idle temps around 33-35 degrees, and upon running prime 95 for about 8 minutes (while I type) my load temps are at about 59. I'm using the push pull set up and I was wondering are these temps safe to OC, and can I do better on my i7 930 (at stock speeds) 2.8GHZ.


Also thanks again to the guys that put your input in the previous thread.


Update: I'm not sure of my ambient room temps, but this room is pretty warm with very little airflow.

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