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My Corsair F60 drive, check and help!


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Hello there guys, after I've read many many threads about this drive I'd like to show you the results on my ATTO benchmark and I'd like you to tell me if everything is correct or I should check it out and try to improve the performance on my drive because I always try to get the best results from the hardware I buy.


Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English~



I have installed again ICH10.0.0.1046 drivers and repeated the test, This is what I got:






And this one with ICH9 drivers




TRIM is activated, Intel ICH9 drivers (downgrade from ICH10 to update to the 2.0 firmware) and Windows 7 64 bits build 7600

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You're within a couple of MB of the max throughput, looks fine to me. Why, do you think there's something wrong?


That's what I'd like to know, if there's something wrong with my results because I never know if I'm getting the best from my HDD, but if you're telling me that I'm maxing out it, perfect.


If anyone needs to test anything let me know and I'll help you, thanks Wired.

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