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Motherboards for 4x2GB Dominator 8500C5D DDR2


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Hi guys,


As the title suggests I'm looking for qualified motherboards that will reliably run a 4x2GB DDR2 configuration at the Dominator RAM's 1066 rating. Right now on my P5Q Pro turbo, it is flaky at best.


Not looking to upgrade to i7 yet as this thing runs rock solid at 4Ghz (Xeon 3370 CPU) and runs everything beautifully for what I need it for; however, if I can access a motherboard that will reliably do 8GB at full speed I will buy it up in a heartbeat.


Right now I have to run at DDR ~800 speeds with 8GB installed.


Any ideas? I could've sworn I saw something on here before but cannot find the thread. Looking for a P45/ICH10r combination as I'm running RAID with the SSDs.



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