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800D questions WC-Airflow/Upgrades


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I'd like to mount a watercooling system in this case:

Watercooled parts; CPU, Northbridge, Mosfets, GPU

Radiator will be a Thermochill Pa 120 (inside the case upper part) with 3 or maybe 6 fans in push/pull mode (using a Koolance external shroud).

My question is about the negative pressure inside the case (as hot air tends to expand and cool air do the reverse). The bottom fan won't be enough to bring cool air within the box.

So shall I mod another fan at the bottom and/or eventually use the back one as an intake one ?

What would you recommend ?

Last but not least do you think Corsair will manufacture a revision of the case since USB 3.0 and Sata 3 (hotswap) are available ?

Thanks a lot

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