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Hello Peoples


OK this might seem like a stupid Question but Im going to ask it anyway.


I have a Corsair TX650W PSU. Its running a Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H motherboard.on board griphs and sound

CPU is a AMD phonom II 555

A W/D SATA 3gig 500gig hard drive.(Win7 64bit) and a DVD/CD player.


The Case is a CoolerMaster HAF 922- I have the case fans pluged into the PSU. The Corsair TX650W. THE Question is Why are the case fans running. After I power down the computer (shut off the system)( No it is not in sleep mode) Is this the norn with Corsair PSUs


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Nope it isint (if i could say), but i think that, your MB dont cut signal, from PSU to shotdown.

So if i were you, i would shotdown pc and then take out "24-pin ATX cable" to be sure, that it is PSU.

But, waite for Corsair admin to confirm this method!!

All so do you happend to have a another psu to test it with your MB ?


Edit: If takeing out that 24-pin cable stops those fans, its your MB thats holding them on(with or withOut BIOS -settings)...

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Thx 4 the reply Mummy

Ya, I believe that the MB is defective. Ill have to rma this(POS)MB back.

I have been getting nothing but trouble with this build. I have cked and dubble cked my wiring. Its all good, wired as to MB/Case/PSU specs I have been getting Blue screens od Death then my bios locked me out

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well I have or should I say that I had, the 24 pin in the 24 pin MB slot. and the 6+2 cpu pin in the cpu 8 slot on the MB.

12 stand offs, Hold the MB in place. No contacts between MB and case . The only fan I had connected to the MB was the CPU Heatsink fan. All others(case fans) were connected to the Power Pack.

(The TX650W)

So when I shut down the computer they (case fans) should haved turned off as well.So I have RMAed the MB and CPU for replacments

The bois would lock me out.Had to reset the cos to allow me to get back into the bios

Then I started getting the B.S.ofD.(Blue Screens of Death)

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Ops that is what I said, isn't . Sorry about that.


I miss spoke(typed). It should have read. I have the 4+4 CPU pin in

(not the 6+2 my bad).

Good catch, Thx Wired.

Well any way I have RMAed the MB and CPU back to the retailer. Waiting for a new MB and CPU to arrive sometime in early Dec.

Is there any way you could*(If you decide to)* tell me how, to jump the PSU in the 24 pin connection. So I might double check to make sure that the fans, do turn off when I power down the case,w/o the motherboard installed.

IF you could that would be of great help to me. Seeing that this is what started this thread to begin with. Thx either way.

You can e-mail me the information instead of posting it, If you decide to give it to me.

(Yes I have the manualto the PSU)

*(Just a side note to)*

("short circuit")

When I took off the CM 212 plus Heat Sink and fan. I noticed that the shielding on the back plate had some very small pin marks on it. I'm wondering, if this might of, some how punched through to the medal plate, thus causing a "short circuit" in the motherboard. The shielding on the back plate is not all that thick but its really tough.

Again Thank You !!

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