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I can't believe how many of these threads there are concerning the GTR range of USB drives.

Common factor amongst all them is continually flashing LED, lost data, and slow performance, to name the main ones.


There's just too many posts for all of the issues to be the fault of the users or their usage of the product.


As stated in another post I recently found, the problem isn't the initial fault, there's always 1 bad apple in a bunch. The real issue is the repeat of the same problem on the replacement units.


The latest reports coming from Corsair (RamGuy post# 61, thread "Flash Voyager GTR 32 Gb not working") is that they have discovered a firmware problem and are working on a solution. Is this just for those reported problems where the drives have lost or currupted data or is it a fix all, or at least most, of the problems with this product range?.

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That's good to hear RamGuy and I appreciate the quick replies.


As a side note, in case it works for other people, I have done a low-level format of both my GTR 32gb drives, using FAT32 and a cluster size of 64kb and although it only a couple of days now, their performance seems to be much better.


What seems to have stopped is the LED activity light annoyingly flashing for no explained reason. I dont use write-behind cacheing and even after the initial burst of activity, the light would flash randomly, for sustained peroids. it seems to have settled down nicely.

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