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Memory Stick Failure - Pair Fail But Both Singles Pass


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I have just built a new computer for my company but after a week of seemingly smooth running I have now started getting the 'blue screen of death'. I have noticed no particular pattern and it often fails when just idling.


After the usual driver and minidump investigation I came to the conclusion it is probably memory related and downloaded Memtest86+.


When running Memtest the pair of memory sticks fail within seconds reporting hundreds of errors. Strangely though when I test the single sticks in either slot they both pass Memtest even after hours of testing and the PC seems stable? Is this a memory failure or motherboard?


I am using a 2 x 2GB DDR3 1333MHz Dominator Memory kit 9-9-9-24. The CPU is an Intel Core i5 750. The setup isn't overclocked and I have the latest BIOS driver (F8) for the Gigabyte P55.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Thanks for your quick reply.


I have reseated the CPU with no change.


While running a few more Memtests I did notice a pattern - near the top right of the Memtest report is a heading called 'Testing:' which, when testing with both sticks inserted, tests in 3 parts.

The first part runs 188K to 2048M, second part is 2084M to 3576M & third part is 4096M to 4608M (aren't we missing a bit). All the errors are reported in the second part regardless of which slots I insert the memory in.

When I only insert one stick the 'Testing:' is in one part only 188K to 2040M and never shows an error.


Does this information shed any light on the possible cause?

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I increased the CPU VTT to 1.20V and ran Memtest on the pair with the same result (and pattern) as the previous tests. In fact it generated more errors even quicker.


I have a core i7 920 (LGA1366) and a Gigabtye GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard running 3 x 1GB 1066MHz RAM at home. The Gigabyte website states 1333MHz memory is compatible but its been so long since I built that system I have forgotten if you have to use triple channel kits!


Can I test the DDR3 1333MHz Dominator Memory pair in this PC?



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