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Is This Normal?


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i installed my h50 to my pc

i'am using a i7-870(not overclocked)

its kinna hot my country the room temp is around 31~35

well the temp reading are around 36~40 when not loading anything

and when its loading my temp just went up to 60~62 :eek::confused:

well i'am not sure is that just normal?

and will my core overheat ?

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You seem to have a very good set up! given your ambient temp your idle is very good, must have a well ventilated case, and at load is where the watercooler realy shows it's strenght again very good.


The i7 can actually handle temps around the 100+c hoever not very stable but anything below 85c and your are very safe and in NO danger.


As a reference here are some tests I did on my H70, not as hot an environment as you, but still very warm.


One other caveat, I have installed different fans to those supplied on the H70









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Thank you sooooo much!!!

man...i was so worried i will get my chip toast when i first got it...

iam still new in this kind of stuff~~ =D


You sound just as paranoid as me. My H50 hasn't been working properly, I'm returning it to Microcenter tomorrow and having them install me a new one. While running stress tests my CPU jumped up to 85 and climbing before I immediately shut it off. I hope my CPU is ok, I also have an i7 (930). Good luck with your Rig.

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