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Question about the AX750W


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Hi all,

I have a Corsair 600T case and with the PowerCool PSU that i have at the moment iv had to Mod the 12V 8-4 pin to make it longer to reach round into the back cable management the 600T so nicely has.

My next purchase been a new PSU and with already having products from Corsair and the rep these PSU have so why not.

Spending good money on a PSU i don't want to be Modding any cables as id like the warranty been in tact... this in mind ill get down to the question in mind....


How long is the 12v 8-4pin lead on the above model PSU...


Thanks for looking in on this one all :sunglasse

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is there some sort of cover to hide the wires on the ATX connection.... i have seen a ATX connection with a cover over coloured wires but don't remember were and what model it was...

Just wondered if there was a mod for cable management :confused:


Again, thanks

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