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What do I need to do to run CMP12GX3M3A1600C9 at specified 1600MHz?


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Hello all,


This is my first time building my own PC and everything worked perfect first try. Now I'm trying to get the RAM to run at its specified 1600MHz but I haven't been lucky. The first time I tried, I chose DDR3 1600MHz on the BIOS plus increased the V manually to 1.65 as required by the DIMMS. When I restarted I got the Overclock Failed! message and then something happened to my SSD drive:


I got this message: Please select your booting device....." After trying to change the devices in the BIOS to the correct one, I was still not able to boot so I had to REINSTALL Windows again. I'm like afraid of trying to do something for the memory to run at 1600 MHz by my own again as I don't want to mess up Windows and reinstall again.


Can someone please help me with running my RAM at the specified speed on the R3E and also with this issue of having my SSD drive fail if I do something on the BIOS?


Any ideas? Thank you for your help!


UPDATE: I just enabled the XMP feature and again: Overclock failed! Please help!

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The PC may or may not run stable with the memory overclocked. There are no guarantees when overclocking - as my signature states. The CPU/RAM/VID must all be willing and able to run the RAM overclocked and this is especially difficult with a high quantity of RAM such as 12 GB.


You may have better luck setting the BIOS options manually instead of using the XMP profile? See the link below for help. The QPI will probably need to be raised.



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