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Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R rev 2 and HX3X12G1600C9?


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After saving up for over three years I build a nice little machine for work and play.


Only problem is one of the gfx cards had to be RMA'd as it lit up my games like a Christmas tree.Fixed it and now my only problem is the memory.


My computer does not always see all 12GB and fluxes between 6 and 12GB. Of great interest is that it has noticed half a memory module before eg. 8.5GB.


I updated the bios from FA to FB as it stated better memory compatibility. And it worked to a certain extent. It now see's all the memory all the time.


Now I just get BSOD's several times a day. Mostly it says its the "memory manager" and once in a while something like "page fault in non paging area"


I have run the default inbuilt mem test software in windows 7 and found no errors. I do not want to run it on extreme as it would take over 24 hours to complete and the computer is next to my bed and has 9 deafening fans in it.


I asked for help by gigabyte for help for which there first response was send the card back but ripping out motherboards is not as easy as swapping memory modules around and I need it for work. There second response was to send me a BIOS that was not on there website FB19 which had no noticeable affect.


I have switched back to the first BIOS as at least it doesn't crash the computer. Any help in resolving this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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I been reading and I came to the same conclusion. The bios update fixes the detection problem but causes lots of problems due to auto settings not being good enough.


What settings should i be using on my setup?


I looked at the links trackrat posted but I don't really get it.





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Well I have done a memtest86 on all 12gb for over an hour with no errors with Bios FA. Memtest on Bios FB and FC returns 100's of errors within minates.


Does this mean I can assume theres nothing wrong with my hardware and its a BIOS problem.


How can I make Bios FA detect all the memory all the time?

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Well I contacted Gigabyte again. and they happily ran tests and showed me pics to prove that the memory should run fine on my computer.


I ran further tests and noticed that errors occered at around 5gb and 11gb. Also it occured with the memory in the tri channel slots 1, 3 and 5. I swapped memory from slots 0 and 1, 2 and 3, 4 and 5. I ran memtest again and got the same error results in the same areas in the same slots.


This leads me to believe the memory is fine and that it is either a cpu or motherboard problem. The question is how do I find out which?

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