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CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 Stablity


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The part number on the RAM is TR3X6G1600C8D and it is v3.1

(the name in the title was what the shop had it down as).



Basically i am here of advice, should I try to get an RMA or not?


For a few months my computer has been slightly unstable, but it has taken me a long time to get to a point where I can test the RAM.


The problem is, my computer freezes about once a week.

This is a total lockup where nothing responds and the screen freezes on the last image.

I was not sure of the problem for a long time as it seems very hard to force it to crash, the majority of the time when it crashes I will be on the desktop or doing something where the system is idling (such as web browsing) it only very very rarely crashes while I have been in a game.

Due to this, I orginally thought the problem may be software based, however after clean installing windows the problem remained.


Later I was able to trade ram with a friend, and for the last two weeks my system has been perfectly stable @ 1600MHz.


He gets completely different symptoms when using my ram.

He has basically the same build as me but a Gigabyte UD3 mobo.

He has been unable to set the ram speed above 1066, if he does he will BSOD in under 5mins (asssuming it makes it as far as windows).

@ 1066, he occasionally bluescreens but it is mostly stable.


At all times, the ram has been set 1.66V, 1.35-1.4V, and whatever timing xmp recommends (either 888-24 or 999-24 I forget which).


P.S. When I have tested it, there are non memtest/prime95 errors, and nothing obviously shouts that the problem has anything to do with the ram (except swapping it over fixes the problem :P )

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I have a similar problem solved (I have to say probably solved I have to do further tests in these days) changing ram....


The first thing I want to suggest you is find out for sure if is an hardware or software related problem.

You can verify for example performing an overnight memtest86+ session.


In my case I could simply rest in bios settings page overnight and freeze occurs the same! You can try this test first

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Ok so update.

The RAM has been in another system for 1 month, in that time my system has been completely stable.

The system that the ram was in was unable to stay stable for longer than 5mins @1600 and occasionally crashed @1066.


Once I got the RAM back I crashed within 1 hour :(

I have ran memtest the last 2 nights once the standard test and once with the bitfade tests, both times the RAM has passed.


The part number on the RAM is TR3X6G1600C8D and it is v3.1

(the name in the title was what the shop had it down as).


If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

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