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Corsair CM3X2GSD1066 4GB - My Story


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Hi All


Just wanted to share my story regarding my recent purchased of 2 x Corsair 4GB CM3X2GSD1066 DDR3 RAM modules for my recent MacBook Air. I purchased these modules from Australia's AusPCMarket (http://www.auspcmarket.com.au) for around about AU$ 112.00 each so for just under AU$250 I got 8GB of DDR3-RAM which I think is a great price (I dont work for them just advising how much cheaper they are since DDR3 for laptops first came out). Once I received the RAM I installed it as usual into my MacBook Air, the system detected 8GB and all was working well up to a couple of days ago when out of the blue I got a Kernel Panic so I turned my MacBook Pro off as usual and rebooted it, it started as normal once so too this opportunity to backup my data and then it died.


I got home and ran the Apple Diagnostic application (Mac OSX disc while system boots and pressing "D"). This is when I discovered the following:-


Alert! Apple Hardware Test has detected an error

4MEM/1/40000000 0xa9f73618


Immediately when I saw this I realised this was a RAM module problem, so I removed both 4GB modules and tried one by one with the Diagnostic Application. After numerous tests I verified one module with the Serial Number of 1000134 10374375 was the faulty module. i visually inspected the module and could not see any physical errors, so I would say this was either a PCB / RAM module issue.


Upon realisation of the faulty module I send the module back to AusPCMarket for an exchange with screenshots as proof from the test and the original purchase receipt. Suprisingly, the same day a replacement was despatched and I received the replacement the next day - no arguments, no issues, all went smoothly. Upon inserting the replacement module and running the same Apple Diagnostic test, both modules passed.


Out of all the Corsair RAM I have purchased (and a Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB USB drive), none of my RAM modules have failed - admittedly my other RAM was all Made in the USA (not assembled in Taiwan), but Corsair's lifetime replacement warranty is worth every cent based on this experience.


I wanted to share this story with Corsair and its customers.

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