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TX950W keeps blowing


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I bought a pc around 2 years ago now

The original PSU died so I bought a TX950W

This worked fine until June when the PSU blew again; had that replaced with another TX950W...

3months on and it blew again


any idea whats going on? :confused:


I just sent an RMA request form this morning for replacement AGAIN

but as you can guess I don't want to be doing this every few months so prefer to fix this issue asap



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first 2 blew with a bang and burning smell

the one that blew last night just turned off without any smell/overheating/loud noise

first PSU wasnt corsair, I bought a new PSU (the TX950W)

I did RMA the second PSU through corsair (which is the one that blew last night)

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  • Corsair Employees

Request an RMA


With 3 PSUs failing in the same system in a short period of time, you might want to contact the motherboard manufacturer and see if they would recommend getting the board replaced. Either you received 3 faulty PSUs, or there could be an issue with the motherboards voltage regulation that could be triggering them to fail.

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yeah I am starting to think its a motherboard problem

I have been having trouble recently where windows keeps crashing and I keep getting BSOD

thought it was a RAM error so I took out the RAM and used 1 stick then the other on boot up to see if either worked

Both still individually caused the pc to crash however when I put in RAM from another pc it worked fine until this PSU blew

I noticed that as I played a media file repeatedly it would cause the BSOD on the same time

However when placing the internal hard drive into another pc it worked fine (and still does)

All this chaos also caused my external hard drive to fail as when I copied over the media file it must have caused a write error which led to 1.3TB of data being corrupt

Im beginning to believe Im cursed with this pc!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Case #: 1765222

RMA# 1196696


the PSU was delivered to the returns department last week and arrived there on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 and signed for at 11:18


When I track the RMA on the corsair website the top of the screen says "Based on the information you have provided, the best thing to do is send us your parts for replacement."

and the bottom says "Your RMA has already been processed and/or shipped"


I'm confused as to whether they recieved my PSU yet / if they sent a replacement as I have not recieved any emails regarding a replacement being sent


can Ramguy or someone help track my RMA please?


Thanks in advance

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