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smoke from a hx850


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hi there guys,

i have had this hx850 for little over 2 weeks now and just while sitting here browsing the net the whole pc just powered off, i waited like 2 mins and tried turning it on again. When i did i heard a whooshing/burning sound and a bunch of smoke came out of the psu.


i cut the power straight away left it for 15 minutes and tried turning it back on again and everything works fine? All components in the pc are fine, not charred and all work as they should, and the power supply is the same?


should i request a rma? if i returned it would they even find a fault?

i have tried the psu in another pc and it works fine there also.


thanx for the help in advance guys

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So i requested the rma was approved, and only just sent of the package this morning.\\


It cost me $103 to send the package for Corsairs faulty product!

I shouldn't have to pay this! it isnt my fault the psu blew up, why do i have to pay over 100 dollars to get it back to you guys.

Thats just stupid

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