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how to setup xms3 DDR3 2000mhz on gene 3?


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Hi i have asus rampage gene 3


core i7 960


6gb xm3 ddr3 2000mhz?




can somebody plz tell me exactly what i need to change in the ausu bios for the ram to work at that speed instead off 1066mhz, which is the current speed


Please tell me exactly what to change



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Sometimes XMP will prevent the computer from booting or make it unstable. You can just set the DDR3 speed to 1600 Mhz or something close to that manually. The DDR3 speeds are products of a multiplier and your bus so depending on what thats set to you will have different choices of DDR3 speed without adjusting your bus as well.
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Ok what I would do to try get 2000 is.

First I try the basics, load system optimized defaults, set cpu clock ratio 24x, set Vcore too 1.30000, set the Dram volts 1.66, set your system memory multiplier to 14(1866), set Pcie Freq 100mhz, and last of all set you ram timeing's for 2000 speed. Normaly on the sticker of the ram stick, everything else leave on auto.


If this works to get more you will have to overclock the cpu by increasing the Bclk. I think its Bclk 143 or you can try system memory multiplier x16(yet my system would hang).


The system memory multiplier you want lower the the better, by increaseing the Bclk but you will not beable to get at the best as you cant overclock the cpu that much :p


Not sure if all the setting names in the bios would be the same name too.


Well good luck let me know how you get on.


p.s if you do OC you will need extra cooling.

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