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CMD4DX3M2B1600C8 Ver3.1 Timings wrong?


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Mobo : Asus M4A79T Deluxe (Latest Bios)

Now from the impression I was under all I had to do was set the frequency of the memory to 1600MHz in the bios and all the proper timings would load.

But for some reason cpu-z spd table is showing 1.5v and all kinds of other timings.


Everything except the Freq. is set to auto, which gives me 11-11-11-29 1t.

From what I read on the sticker it should 8-8-8-24 @ 1600MHz 1.65v


So do I have to set the voltage and timings manually or is there a way to have them loaded automatically?

I know about the JDEC standard but I thought you guys programmed in the correct values for 1600MHz?


If I have to do it by hand please provide me with EVERY timing possible.

Thank you.

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I think your part number should be: CMD4GX3M2B1600C8 ?


The BIOS sets the SPD timings as a default. 1.5 V is the default voltage that the BIOS sets for DDR3 RAM. Assuming you are reading the correct CPU-Z tab, i.e. "memory", (NOT SPD), it will show the current RAM BIOS settings. You will need to manually set the timings, frequency and voltage to run the RAM overclocked as your CPU has a default RAM frequency of 1333 MHz. If you look at the CPU-Z "memory" tab, it lists from top to bottom the specific timings that need to be changed in BIOS. The RAM frequency can be set to 800 MHz. as it's double data rate RAM so it's 2x 800 MHz. = 1600 MHz.

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I'm not sure about your series, but on my old dominator series the specs that were on the sticker were actually the EPP standards, of course the RAM runs by JEDEC by default.


If you use CPU-Z you can look at the SPD tab and that will show you the timings table in the actual SPD memory chip. There may be different scenarios. For example I have two different JEDEC specifications for different speeds, and I also have one EPP spec. Every RAM series is different with what specs it has...

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okay so what you're telling me in other words...

When I set the main 4 timings the others will follow suite if theyre on auto?


Yes, the other timings can vary from board to board, from BIOS to BIOS, with different CPUs, etc etc etc which is why it is virtually impossible to list them here. You can experiment with them if you like but most likely you are going have the best stability with leaving them at AUTO or the default settings.

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